Amazing Print

Hello Friends and Family, This is Barrett, Bridget’s husband & former covivant of sixteen years. Over the past few years Bridget and I have known we have support from friends and family, but I am consistantly amazed and astonished how generous and caring you all truly are. Thank you. I am delighted to share this post […]

Fame is Mine!

I’m on the homepage of the CCBC website — a good ten percent of the time or so. Woo hoo! Today the CCBC homepage, tomorrow the cover of People. You have to hit refresh on the CCBC’s website to go through all of the pics. So I’m saving you some trouble by posting the image […]


Sweethearts by Sara Zarr was a CCBC Book Discussion book today and I was happily surprised to discover that I wasn’t the only one who loved this book. Usually books with adorable pink hearts on the cover (cookie hearts no less) don’t get such huge rave reviews by anyone but me, but this book was […]

Watch Kevin Henkes read from Bird Lake Moon

The best part of the Kevin Henkes reception (besides the chocolate) was his reading from Bird Lake Moon. First, Katy Horning introduced him and then his current editor (whose name I can’t remember — doh!) from Greenwillow spoke. She had a great story about when Susan Hirschman had Kevin call her at the publisher she […]

Beverly Naidoo

Beverly Naidoo of JOURNEY TO JO’BURG and CHAIN OF FIRE fame was so lovely last week. She came and spoke at Grainger Hall in a CCBC sponsored event. I have to say I briefly considered becoming a business major as an undergraduate simply because Grainger Hall had THE cushiest seats on campus. Little did I […]