I’ve officially recommended REPOSSESSED by A.M. Jenkins to about the 500th person over the age of fourteen. It’s incredibly funny, the voice is strong, and the main character is strangely beguiling — he is, after all, the bad guy — a fallen angel who takes over someone’s body while on a little break from hell. […]

WI Book Fest

I was lucky enough to be asked to introduce several authors for the WI Book Fest last weekend. Very exciting as no one has ever asked me to do this before. However, I’m guessing that the organizers weren’t anticipating that I would a) make fun of the title of the author panel I was introducing […]

Patricia MacLachlan, Espresso Cookies, and Pumpkin Bread

Patricia MacLachlan was a great Charlotte Zolotow lecturer, telling stories I’m sure would make her children cringe but brought down the house (so to speak, this was an academic lecture no one threw confetti or anything — maybe I’ll bring some next year and see how it goes over) and welcomed everyone into her family, […]