New Photo

You might notice that there’s a new photo of me on this page. The thinking was that maybe you didn’t get here through the home page and wouldn’t have a clue who I was, so a photo and a brief caption would give you a quick idea. And due to Barrett’s web master magic the […]

Writers Group Weekend with the Fabulous Gretchen Hirsch

A whole entire month has flown by since my writers group’s spring editor retreat. It was brilliant and thrilling and everything a retreat weekend should be, and yet… I haven’t blogged about it. Why, you might ask? If it was so brilliant and thrilling and so on WHY haven’t you blogged about it? Everyone wants […]


I wrote this post for Madison Public Library nearly a month ago about needing sunshine and reading books that take place in warm climes. And, sadly, I could have written it today. Nasty cold gloomy weather! Now I’m reading Under the Tuscan Sun. Lots of sunshine and heat, plus it’s chock full with lovely descriptions. […]

Seeing Me Naked

SEEING ME NAKED by Liza Palmer was SO funny! I don’t read a ton of adult books (who has time, when there are so many fabulous young adult books to read?), but this was definitely worth the trip over to the adult side. I laughed out loud. SEVERAL TIMES. The basic story is about thirty-something […]