Fame is Mine!

I’m on the homepage of the CCBC website — a good ten percent of the time or so. Woo hoo! Today the CCBC homepage, tomorrow the cover of People. You have to hit refresh on the CCBC’s website to go through all of the pics. So I’m saving you some trouble by posting the image […]

How I Tried Out Mattresses and Discovered the Dangers of Low Rise Jeans

Our first mattress we bought out here was horrible. I was so sore, I’d wake up and walk around half bent over for the first part of the day and would have been crippled within months. So we decided to exchange, but this time we were going to get the PERFECT mattress. No more early […]


Met my dad halfway between Portland and Port Townsend in Olympia, WA today for a father’s day lunch. Their farmer’s market is lovely — we got gorgeous cherries, which is totally mind blowing coming from Wisconsin where there is just a tiny late summer window for Door County cherries, and gigantic apples that wafted deliciousness […]


We’re in Portland. Our apartment is lovely — hardwood floors and nice big rooms. There are even roses growing outside our windows. Not just any old roses either — big, fat, luscious ones. So far we’ve spent more time at Ikea than we have really hanging out in Portland, but we did go to our […]