Years 13, 14, & 15, In Which Barrett Wears the Same Shirt for Three Years

Year 13, We’d just moved to Portland and I think we’re in the bird something or other, maybe a sanctuary? Notice the white shirt. Year 14, The Portland Auction where I sported Starlet Hair by the awesome Lori Ann at Halo. Is it the SAME white shirt? Year 15, The Summer of Love and the […]

Years 11 & 12 of 16, Our First Two Visits to Portland, plus Vegas!

I’m not sure what happened between 9 & 11, but photographic evidence is not forthcoming. I could put up a picture of me and my co-star sharing a malt and pretending to be in love in the World’s Fastest Librarian and maybe even try to photoshop Barrett in, but it would be a sham. I’m […]

Half My Life

This week Barrett and I are celebrating sixteen years together. Which is officially half of my life. Woo hoo! Yes, I know we are a bit celebration-happy, having multiple weddings last year, taking the whole month of March to celebrate those wedding anniversaries this year, having a Summer of Love tour to celebrate love with […]