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Hello Friends and Family,

This is Barrett, Bridget’s husband & former covivant of sixteen years. Over the past few years Bridget and I have known we have support from friends and family, but I am consistantly amazed and astonished how generous and caring you all truly are. Thank you.

I am delighted to share this post with all of you. Johanna Wright, Portland author and illustrator, has created a new painting In Memory of Bridget Zinn that has touched me deeply. This painting is available as a print to everyone who covets Johanna’s work or loved Bridget. Johanna is donating the proceeds to the Friends of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC).

Please visit Johanna’s Etsy page to purchase your print.

Love to you all,


In Memory of Bridget Zinn by Johanna Wright

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  1. I purchased the print, too. Not only because it is a lovely tribute to Bridget, but also because it is painted by Johanna, artist extraordinaire, writing buddy, and caring human being. I am thrilled to own it–what a treasure! X0 Sharee

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