Bridget Zinn

Bridget Zinn

How did Bridget publish a new book after her death?

Bridget was constantly writing. Once she finished a book she would motivate herself to do the "boring business" side of writing, submitting queries, by only allowing herself to begin writing a new novel as a reward for having made progress on the "boring business" stuff.

In an effort to combat the the emotionally exhausting year 2020 has been, Bridget's best friend, Barrett Dowell, wanted to put something positive and joyful into the world and began the work to share another of Bridget's stories with you. SPY GIRL is a result of that work.

Will You Help?

Since Bridget is not alive to share and promote her novel, people are pulling together to help get the word out about this former librarian's sweet, hilarious stories. Please follow this link for what you can do to help.

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