Bridget Zinn

Bridget Zinn

"Sunshine and a brand new book. Perfect." Bridget Zinn

Bridget Zinn


Bridget wanted to make people laugh and hoped readers would enjoy spending time with the characters she created. As a librarian/writer she loved books with strong young women with aspirations. She also felt teens needed more humorous reads. She wrote books with pockets of warmth and happiness and hoped that her readers' copies would show the watermarks of many bath time reads.

Links about Bridget

Bridget describes her "Serious Lack of Seriousness Deficit"

'Poison': Bridget Zinn's bittersweet debut a Chicago Tribune article written by Heidi Stevens.

A wonderful article written by Alexis Burling in Publishers Weekly, Promoting a Late Author's Debut Novel: 'Poison' by Bridget Zinn

"'Can she save the kingdom with a piglet?' reads the cover tagline of Poison, the YA debut from the late Bridget Zinn. Ridiculous? Yes. Still, there's something refreshing about its silliness amidst the interchangeable do-or-die taglines that seem to have become a staple for YA books these days." Entertainment Weekly's Shelf Life

Enjoy this short film Bridget made years ago There's Something About Chocolate with some friends.

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