If You’re Happy and You Know It, Well, Maybe You Should Just Sit There Quietly

I can’t clap. If I’m happy and I know it, there is not a thing I can do about it. Thank goodness I’m not working with preschoolers at the library right now. I’m scared to even try stomping my feet as an alternative (also just got a lecture from my nurse about protecting my feet […]

So far, so good

Well the Fattening Up party was awesome. It was the greatest distraction and being around all of these people with positive energy was just what I needed. I would highly recommend having one even if you aren’t going through chemo. I don’t know who brought the VooDoo Donuts, but they were really good. I got […]

Lovely lovely spring

I don’t know how I haven’t gotten around to mentioning this before now, but spring has been in full bloom for the past month and just keeps getting better and better. It’s our first spring in the Pacific Northwest and it’s absolutely  breathtaking. I can’t believe how many flowers and flowering shrubs and blossomy trees […]