Writers and aspiring writers, if you need a fresh look or even a first look at your work, consider the critique services offered on the auction. I know it’s difficult. So many fabulous writers, how to choose??? Don’t overlook less published writers. I don’t know all of their work, but the ones that I am […]

No Laughing, Are You Kidding Me???

He was not. Kidding me in the least, that is. When I was last at CTCA my surgeon told me with a perfectly straight face (after having just spent the last half-hour applying tourniquet-like pressure to my wound after having removed the rod shoved up my hepatic artery half-way through Start-Pre-Treatment-At-4:30am-Then-Insert-Painful-Device-And-Chemotherapies-And-Make-Bridget-Lie-Flat-On-Her-Back-For-Fourteen-Hours Torture Day) that I […]


It was pointed out, quite rightly, that a parrot, even a sweetie-pie kakapo parrot would be a lot of work and need to be cleaned up after and taught not to be naughty etc. I concede this point and spent some time thinking up an answer to this dilemma, maybe the answer was obvious to […]